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“When you’re ready to “get down to business”, ReeceNichols Parkville is the office for you.  Our broker, Leslie Hogan, provides an abundance of training opportunities, support while you’re in the middle of a transaction and recognition of a job well done! Our office culture is one of support and fun! ReeceNichols is the right choice – ReeceNichols Parkville is the BEST choice!!”

Sandy Maag, Broker Salesperson 

I have been with ReeceNichols for over 25 years. Leslie Hogan is the true meaning of what a broker should be.

She sincerely cares about her agent’s and their success in this business.

She is knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to help her agents. I came to the Parkville office after being in the same branch for my entire career, I was welcomed with open arms by the agents and the staff.

Best decision I have ever made.

Bettina O'Brien Reece Nichols Parkville

I could not have joined a better brokerage than ReeceNichols.  I especially love working under Leslie Hogan in Parkville.  The whole atmosphere and culture of this office is amazing.  Whatever you need and however urgent the situation is, our broker is right there.  Sometimes we forget that she has her own family and needs time off because whenever I call her (even when the chiefs were busy playing at the most recent Superbowl) she immediately picked up.  I love the diversity, the education, the teamwork.  I honestly don't see myself joining any other brokerage.  Leslie Hogan is our mama bear.  She takes care of every single one of us.  We are like one big happy family.  I am so blessed and loved in this office.  Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name (like our office)

Zondi Krehbiel CSP, CRNC


Team Parkvile....Where we make people our passion. I am dedicated when it comes to Coaching, Training & Recruiting the BEST Real Estate Agents in Kansas City. As a Managing Broker with ReeceNichols Parkville, I am passionate about supporting and guiding my sales agents as they create remarkable home buying and selling experiences for their clients. Through my years of experience in real estate sales, marketing and leadership, I ensure the agents in my ReeceNichols Parkville office are equipped with the latest tools, resources and training so they may deliver outstanding customer service in the communities we serve. I look forward to the opportunity of connecting you with one of the outstanding sales agents on my team. Please let me know how I can serve you.